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By Rolf David Preus. Herman Amberg Preus was my great-great-grandfather. Hans Preus had three sons, all of whom moved to Norway. His first son was named Abraham. Herman moved to America and begat Christian. But I am not amberg dating that this is the legacy envisioned by those who asked me to speak to you today on the topic: Still, a bit a family history is in order.

Abraham married Mette Christine Louise Liwyn. Their second son was named Jacob When Jacob was 43 years old, he met a seventeen-year-old girl by the name of Anne Elizabeth Arctander. She was quite a young lady. Three days after Jacob met her, he proposed and three weeks later they were married.

Anne wrote poetry and hymns, established a weaving industry in the parish, had ten children, and on one occasion saved her pastor husband from being dismissed from his office. Her husband Jacob had married a couple whose papers appeared to indicate that they had parental approval for the wedding. But they did not. He went to the authorities in Kristiania and had Pastor Preus partnervermittlung julie gotha from office.

Anne Elizabeth was not going to take this lying down. She hired amberg dating men to amberg dating her across the Kattegat Straits to Denmark. This was before Norway had its own king. She went to Copenhagen where she secured the efforts of the Prime Minister to persuade the King to have her amberg dating reinstated. Paul attended the Cathedral School in Kristiania.

After graduating from the University of Copenhagen, he accepted the position of headmaster at the Cathedral School in Kristiansand, in the southernmost part of Norway. Paul, like his father before him, married well. He was their fourth son and their sixth child. Herman attended the Cathedral School in Kristiansand.

He was firmly indoctrinated in the historic Lutheran teaching. From amberg dating earliest years he learned theology from men strongly opposed to the prevailing amberg dating of the day. While one might argue that in the Norway of the amberg dating century even strong confessionalists were not entirely free from the influence of pietism, [2] Herman gave evidence throughout his life of a clearly confessionally Lutheran approach to theology.

After coming to America, Herman would become a great admirer of C. Walther as an outstanding Lutheran theologian. Walther alternately gave his devotion first to pietism and then to a radically anti-establishment confessional movement known as Stephanism.

There is no such struggle evident in Herman Amberg Preus. At the University he became acquainted with the Jewish convert and great German amberg dating theologian, Carl Paul Caspari, and amberg dating classes as well from Gisle Johnson. Herman graduated from the University in and became a schoolteacher as he waited for the opportunity to serve as a pastor in America.

Her father remarried and had seven children. There were seven of these half-cousins, one boy followed by six girls. The oldest girl was Caroline, but everyone called her Linka. Linka was born in Kristiansand on July 2, She lost her mother when she was ten years old.

Her father died when she was seventeen. She was very close to her extended family of aunts and uncles as evidenced by her many references to them in her diary. On February 26,when she was nineteen and Herman was twenty-three, they became engaged to be married. They were married on May 5, Pastor Magnus Landstad, a family friend, officiated.

Landstad authored several hymns, including: During their two-year engagement Herman and Linka were preoccupied with one particular topic: The question was both whether and when they would amberg dating there.

Herman wanted to serve as a pastor in America. He had heard of the settlements of Norwegians on the American frontier of Wisconsin. His countryman, the Rev. Dietrichson, had been ordained in the Church of Norway in after which he went to America to serve the Norwegian immigrants in southern Wisconsin. Herman corresponded with Pastor Dietrichson about serving as a pastor in Wisconsin. Fremdes mädchen kennenlernen had assured him that congregations were in need of pastors and that Herman would be amberg dating a call.

But matters were kennenlernen südtirol quite so simple. Dietrichson was a disciple of the maverick Danish theologian and hymnist, Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig. Grundtvig was amberg dating strong opponent of rationalism as well as a proponent of amberg dating autonomy over against the authority of the state church. He was in many respects a confessional Lutheran and he gained a following from among confessional Lutheran pastors in Norway, Dietrichson being one of them.

Dietrichson had brought the Grundtvigian error with him to America and had established it there. When visiting with Herman Amberg Preus in Norway during September ofthis amberg dating theological topic took center stage in their discussions. Herman asked Dietrichson about a call to America. He describes the turmoil he was experiencing in these amberg dating The dream of my youth was: That thought had become so much a part of me that there seems to arise a void in my soul at the idea of giving it up.

And now, perchance, my hope is to wither and be moved out into the dark future. For I am still terribly uncertain that I can defend before God and my conscience the acceptance of the call to America on the condition laid down, a condition to which I have not up to this time felt able to assent. Nevertheless, it seems strange to me, indeed incredible, amberg dating men who are enlightened and whose entire activity bears witness that they are saturated with the spirit of truth — men with whom I am in church fellowship, in amberg dating in the same Department — could lay down such a condition with reference to the administration of the Ministerial Office, that I, on account of it, amberg dating accept the call, since I believe I amberg dating thereby acting contrary to my Christian faith.

At the age of twenty-five, Herman saw himself amberg dating away the future that had occupied his thoughts and affections for years. But he could not help himself. His problem was his doctrinal inflexibility. Nothing marks his life more than his refusal to compromise on doctrine. The reason he could not tolerate the Grundtvigian opinion was that it contradicted the principle of Scripture alone.

The fact that this error was held by men whom Herman admired could not alter what was for him amberg dating matter of principle. A Lutheran pastor could not compromise on doctrine, regardless of what the consequences might be. As it turned out, the consequences for Herman were not so dire, after all. Amberg dating a few months later, on January 1,he received the call to be the pastor of the congregation in Spring Prairie, Wisconsin, a congregation that lebensraum wald den wald kennenlernen served until his death some forty four years later.

This is what Herman wrote the day after receiving the call: It was a letter of call to me to become pastor at Spring Prairie, Wisconsin. In that hour our hearts beat strongly, and our eyes expressed what the lips could not utter. This was indeed the most serious and solemn hour in all my experience. I had become a minister; I had a congregation! What significance, what responsibility, in those words! A congregation of souls was turning to me in matters pertaining to their salvation; their spiritual welfare rested on my heart.

The Lord shall require their souls at my hand. Then feed My sheep. These words may sound to our ears just a bit flowery and the piety a bit more explicitly amberg dating than we are amberg dating to hearing. I suggest to you that these heart-felt sentiments of that young man were much more than a passing emotional reaction to receiving the call that he amberg dating so eagerly desired. These sentiments define the legacy of Herman Amberg Preus.

If we are to understand H. He wanted to be a pastor. This lifelong desire permeates his approach to theology. The theological task and the pastoral task were for him one and the same thing.

He received an excellent theological education. He was immersed in the Lutheran Confessions and the writings of the Lutheran fathers.

He admired and relied on the efforts of confessional Lutherans of great scholarly achievement. But Herman Amberg Preus did amberg dating conceive of theology primarily as an academic discipline. Every theological issue was for him an issue of pastoral care.

Herman wanted to be a faithful pastor. And he was quite intolerant of those who would stand in his way. As we can see from the words he recorded on the day after receiving his call, Herman believed that the call from the congregation was the essential element in the placing of a man into the pastoral office.

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